The PMI Measure Malaria project develops tools, reports, and guidance to help projects and countries access and share resources that support improved information systems, data collection and use, and country capacity to manage malaria programs from surveillance through progress toward elimination. Use the search engine to find these publications, all of which are available for downloading at no cost.

Brodsky I and Nyanzi I (2017)

MEASURE Evaluation, National Malaria Elimination Programme, and the Presidents Malaria Initiative (2017)

MEASURE Evaluation (2017)

MEASURE Evaluation (2018)

Kenya Ministry of Health, Malaria Control Unit (2015)

Massoud Moussavi, PhD; Kent W. Lewis, MA; Vilas Mandlekar, MBA, MS; Aminata Y. Sallah, MBChB; Tajrina Hai, MHS; and Yazoum Y, PhD (2017)

MEASURE Evaluation (2017)

Jessica Fehringer, Brittany Iskarpatyoti, Bridgit Adamou, and Jessica Levy (2017)

MEASURE Evaluation (2013)

Mortality Task Force of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership's Monitoring and Evaluation Group (2014)

Herrera S, Ivanovich E, Y Y, Garley A (2016)

Herrera S, Ivanovich E, Ye Y, Garley A (2016)

Shah JA, Emina JBO, Ye Y (2014)

MEASURE Evaluation (2018)

MEASURE Evaluation (2019)

MEASURE Evaluation (2015)

MEASURE Evaluation (2016)

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